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"To promote, empower, and perpetuate leadership within individuals for the common good of the community and the citizens of Hereford, Texas through an ongoing program of comprehensive knowledge and awareness."

Leadership Hereford...What's It All About?


Leadership Hereford seeks to establish a class of participants who are interested in and committed to developing their potential for community leadership.   To view the Leadership Hereford program calendar, click the link below:






Educate Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of a Leadership Program


Why Join?


Leadership Hereford offers a prestigious opportunity for those individuals interested in the leadership and welfare of our community.  You will meet new people, make friendships and create your own network that will benefit you in your career and personal achievements.  You will learn  valuable skills about leadership and teamwork that are highly sought after by many of today’s employers and civic organizations. 


Class begins with an orientation that includes special guests from our community and local government. Tours are also planned for the class to attend and learn more about our area. Some of the topics discussed in class are: city and county government, economic development, health care, community services, and the future of our community and region. When you complete the Leadership Hereford program, you will have attained the knowledge and experience in becoming a confident and effective leader.



Community Service


The unique leadership program will help create citizens that are sensitive to and educated about our local community.  By doing this, these citizens will develop goals for our community and ensure a strong foundation for our future. Each graduate of the class will benefit in becoming a confident leader in the community and have the potential to join various boards among our civic and business organizations.


“…The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there.”

                                               - John Buchan


How to Join


Click below to print an application






Applications must be completed and mailed


Leadership Hereford

P.O. Box 1916

Hereford, TX 79045


Save the completed application and email it to 


Eligibility & Participation Requirement


Classes will be limited to 20 participants. The first 20 completed applications that are accompanied with payment in full will be accepted first. 


 All fees must be paid prior to the 1st class. 


To graduate, participants must complete all classes and  scheduled events.  


Program Costs


The leadership program cost is $500.00 per individual. Price covers all tuition, class materials, meals, fees associated with this program, and the graduation reception. For more information contact Wade Hawkins at 806-364-0613.




Contact Us


Leadership Hereford

P. O. Box 1916

Hereford, TX  79045


Wade Hawkins

Hereford EDC




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